473nm 10mw~600mw 青色 ファイバ結合レーザ 送料無料 電源に

ベース価格: 84720円



473nm 10mw~600mw 青色 ファイバ結合レーザ  送料無料 電源に customize fiber diameter & length
1. The length of fiber can be customized.
2. You can change the direction of the laser beam, it can be applied to a variety of occasions venue.
3. Laser spot is circular, uniform illumination.
4. The laser fiber can be installed at the exit of the collimator lens care area to adjust the size, large or small.
1. It's made-to-order products, we need 1~3 weeks to produce it.
2. The output power/fiber diameter/fiber length can be customized.
商品名 Product Name: 473nm fiber coupled laser with Power Supply
製品を含めます Product Include: Laser system with fiber + Controller + Power source
波長 Output Wavelength: 473nm
出力 Output Power: 10mw~600mw(choose)
光ファイバのコア径 Fiber diameter: 400um(Default) -- (100um/200um/400um/600um/800um/1000um -- Can be customized)
繊維長 Fiber length: 1m(default)--(Max 20m,can be customized)
インターフェース型 Interface type: FC/PC (default) -- FC/APC, SMA905 (If you need FC/APC or SMA905 interface please leave a comment when you place the order.)
変調( Modulation:  0~30khz Analog or TTL
横モード構造 Spatial mode: near TEM01
仕事のやり方 Operating mode: CW or Modulation
パワー安定性 Power Stability:  <±5% per 2 hrs
製冷方式 Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
予熱時間 Warm Up Time: <5 minutes
ビーム品質 Beam Quality (M2): <2
最適運転温度 Optimum Operating Temperature: 20~30℃
保存温度 Storage Temperature: 10~50℃
使用寿命 MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
納期 Lead Time: 3~10 workingdays! Custom product available
外型寸法 Laser head dimensions: 155(L)x77(W)x60(H) mm
電源(Power Driver): I型分離型電源 / II型可変式電源 (選択)
電源#1 Power Supply #1: Standard type power supply 100(L)x70(W)x55(H)mm
電源#2 Power Supply #2: Lab Adjustable power supply  178(L)x197(W)x84(H)mm
保証期 Warranty: 1 Year
インタフェース類型:FC/PC(黙認),FC/APC, SMA905(もし君が必要FC / APC、SMA905インタフェース,ご注か所のメッセージ、メールまたは私たち)

注意: The marked output power is before coupling, coupling efficiency is about 80%~90%.

1 x 473nm  ファイバ結合レーザ fiber laser
1 x 電源 Laser power supply



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