515nm/520nm 50mW~150mW 焦点調節可能 緑光レーザー器 Support USB

ベース価格: 20790円



515nm/520nm 50mW~150mW 焦点調節可能 緑光レーザー器 Support USB
1. Without Warm-up Time,very low power, low heat,so it can coninue work long hours in the temperature range of 0-60 degrees, but the traditional  532nm green laser module is only guaranteed to work at room temperature 20 degrees, zero temperature can not be normal startup, for example, most of such a small size can not work long hours;
2. Shape design improvements,Taking into account the square products more suitable for precise fix on any plane, so designed as a rectangular cross-section, of course, but also retains the characteristics of concentric circles, so let alone modules and other equipment or assembly to become simple and precise.
3.  OSRAM imported semiconductor laser diode light in the form of point-like, with a range as far as three kilometers or more.
4. Using focusable design structure, you can freely adjust according to need spot size.
波長: 515 nm±10nm
出力: 50mW /100mW /150mW (選択する)
レーザーの形: 点
ビーム発散全角: <1.5mard
表面処理: 陽極青色
フレーム材料: 航空アルミニウム
電路制御: ACC線路
定額電圧: DC 5V/12V
定額電流: <250mA
予熱時間: 無
作動温度: 0℃~60℃
保管温度: -40℃~85℃
1 x レーザーモジュール
1 x 電源 


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