TTL modulation 532nm 30mw 緑色レーザー発光モジュール 点 16mmx75mm

ベース価格: 6490円



TTL modulation 532nm 30mw 緑色レーザー発光モジュール 点 16mm*70mm

This green laser module is the use of high-power infrared laser-pumped laser crystal to produce, spot round, beam divergence is small, export power from 5mW to 50mW, can be customized according to user specific purposes.

商品名: TTL modulation 緑色レーザー発光モジュール
波長: 532nm
出力: 30mw
レーザーの形: 点
表面処理: 陽極酸化黒色
レーザー発散性: 0.6mrad 
Optical Systems: Optical Coated Glass (Plus a telephoto lens)
Spot Description: 8m department width minimum  spot diameter Φ6mm
Modulation: TTL modulation
TTL変調頻度: 10Hz-500KHz 
定額電圧: DC 3V 
定額電流: I<270mA
しきい電流: 100mA 
Laser Class: IIIB
作動温度: 10℃~35℃
保管温度: -40℃~80℃
レーザー器寸法: Φ16mm*75mm
予熱時間: <2 mintues
Continuous working time: 1~2 hours(Good heat dissipation) 
保証期: 12ヶ月

TTL modulation Description:
1 The red and yellow lines shorted, the module will be lit, in a continuous mode of operation;
2 To modulate the signal line negative black wire, positive connected to the yellow line, red line vacant, modulation module in working condition.
3 Signal input modulation frequency must be within the range 500KHZ;

1* TTL Green laser module  

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